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Although the mass appeal of bats didn’t really take off until the 1980s (largely due to the efforts of bat groups), observations of bats have been made for decades and even centuries before that.  In some cases the bat work methods of earlier generations may seem a little odd when viewed from the modern era of bat detectors and wildife legislation, but the records and insights are often still valuable and always interesting.  

A number of organisations have kindly allowed us to link to their historical publications through their websites.  Northern Bats is grateful to June Holmes of the Natural History Society of Northumbria for access to Transactions; to Christopher Young of Yorkshire Naturalists Union for access to The Naturalist; to Malcolm Birtle for access to The Vasculum and the Cleveland Naturalists Proceedings.   We hope over time to provide links to other historical natural history publications across the north of England.

Links to the various publications are given below:


The Vasculum

Bolam, G. (1918) The Whiskered Bat. An Addition to the Local Fauna. The Vasculum 4(3&4): 59-63. 



Bolam, G. (1922) Natterer's Bat, Myotis Nattereri (Kuhl).  An Addition to the Local Fauna. With Some Observations Upon Other Bats, chiefly in Relation to the Alston District. The Vasculum 8(2): 43-47.



Jackson, N. & Hinchcliffe, G. (1986) Bats in Durham. The Vasculum 71(3): 35-37. 



Hinchcliffe, G. (1986) Wintering Noctules: the Biometrics of A Colony of Durham Bats. The Vasculum 71(3): 38-40. 



Durkin, J.L. (2002) The "J.A." Mammal Articles 1880-Part 1; Insectivores, Bats and Rodents.The Vasculum 87(1): 28-31. 




Cleveland Naturalists Proceedings

Wardhaugh, A.A. (1994) Bats and their roosts in Cleveland. Cleveland Naturalists Proceedings 5(4): 19-32.




Natural History Society of Northumbria

Bolam, G. (1924) Bats. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumbria 6(1): 48-62. 



Bolam, G. (c.1878-1934) Manuscript Notes on Mammals. Archives of the Natural History Society of Northumbria. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumbria: 1-4.



Bond, I. (ed.) (2012) Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles of the North East.  Northumbrian Naturalist 73.  

Describes the current and historic status of all bat species that have occurred in the region, including resident and vagrant species up tp 2012. http://www.nhsn.ncl.ac.uk/interests/mammals/mammals-north-east.



Transactions of the Tyneside Naturalists's Field Club

Mennell, H.T. & Perkins, V.R. (1864) A catalogue of the mammalia of Northumberland and Durham. Transactions of the Tyneside Naturalists's Field Club.




The Naturalist

The previous editions of The Naturalist, dating back to 1865 have been made available through the Biodiversity Heritage Library and can be found following the link below:


Over the period from 1882 to 2011, some 77 articles or field notes on bats have appeared in the Naturalist.  In order to help navigate to find them, we have included a table (link) which lists the date, the issue number (there is often more than one for each year so you may have to scroll through them) and the page number.  The table also outlines the bat species, the location and the odd relevant note.



Sorby Natural History Society

Whiteley, D. (ed.) (1987)  Arthur Whitaker’s Bats.  Sheffield Bat Group.



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